High-Grade Pavement Marking

Make necessary markings on driveways and pavements using preformed thermoplastic durable pavement markings. We are committed to improving safety through our high-quality pavement marking solutions. We only use top quality products manufactured by Ennis-Flint manufactured at their ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.

Used primarily for regulatory marking on public streets, highways, as well as private parking, preformed thermoplastics is a heavy-duty, durable pavement marking material. Made for safety in every season and temperature, it's retroreflective and easy to professionally apply.

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Various Asphalt and Concrete Applications

  • Skid-resistant contrast markings
  • Interstate and route shields
  • Storm drain markings
  • Heavy-duty adhesives
  • Bake lane markings
  • Manhold protection rings
  • In-lane rumble bars
  • Handicap markings
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